Does Your Car Have Hail Damage?

hail damage inspection

Does your car have hail damage?

All Star PDR is offering a FREE hail damage inspection and repairs!

Most of the time it’s pretty evident whether or not your car has been damaged by hail. However, when the hail isn’t very large it can leave much smaller dents which are very difficult for the human eye to see in daylight. Also, certain colors such as white hide dents very well and make it even more difficult to know if your car has been damaged and to what extent.

If you live in an area that was hit by a storm and are not sure if your car has hail damage or to what extent, All Star PDR will provide a FREE hail evaluation on your vehicle.

Just bring your car up to the shop and we will walk you around the car, using our specialized PDR lights, and check every panel to see if you have damage and if so, to what extent.

If your car does indeed have hail damage and you would like to get it repaired, just let us know and we can help you get the claims process started and get you into a rental car.

To schedule your FREE no-obligation hail evaluation, give us a call at 214-587-0277 or reserve your appointment online by clicking here.