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All Star PDR is a locally owned and operated Auto Hail Repair company proudly serving the North Texas area.

When you live in North Texas hail damage to your vehicle is almost unavoidable. All Star PDR was started to help simplify the hail dent repair process and make it more affordable. We offer a full range of services for auto hail dent repair including state of the art paintless hail dent repair, conventional vehicle dent repair, parts replacement and much more. We have re-imagined the entire hail damage repair experience, from picking up your vehicle and working with your insurance adjuster, to covering your deductible—getting your vehicle repaired has never been so easy!


   No Deductible Required

All Star PDR will waive your deducible up to $500, so you have zero out of pocket costs.

   Free Diagnostic Check

Free pre & post repair vehicle diagnostic check with full report provided on delivery. 

   Free Exterior Detail

Get your hail-free car back sparkling clean with a full exterior detail by our in-house expert Mike Green.

   Lifetime Warranty

Written lifetime warranty provided on delivery for all hail damage repairs so you can rest easy.

   Fast Turnaround

Fast repairs by hail repair experts plus world class quality and attention to detail. 

   Premier Partner Network

Top quality, hand-picked partners to ensure successful repairs every step of the way.

   Valet Pickup & Delivery

Simplify your life with our complimentary valet pickup and delivery service. 

   Perfect Reviews

We are proud to have 100% five star reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Angie's List.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Filing a Hail Claim Raise My Insurance Rates?
In the State of Texas, you can have up to 3 hail claims per yer before your insurance company can legally raise your rates. Hail is considered an "Act of God" and is covered under the comprehensive coverage of your policy. Full transparency requires that we inform you, when storms reach "Catastrophic" levels (typically over $1 Billion in loss), it is fairly common for insurance companies to issue blanket increases for that given area. Increases in premiums are out of your control, so we recommend having your vehicle repaired immediately to get the most out of your already paid premiums.
Should I Wait to Get My Hail Damage Fixed?
No, we do not recommend waiting until the end of storm season to have your vehicle repaired. Hail damage from multiple storms greatly increases the likelihood of your vehicle being totaled or having to pay two deductibles. Also, hail damage from multiple storms will make it extremely difficult to repair your vehicle due to the volume of damage. This additional damage will likely require extensive replacement of parts and panels, as well as requiring the use of paint and bondo to repair the vehicle which will decrease resell value.  
Do I Have to Pay My Deductible for Hail Repair?
If you have your vehicle repaired at All Star PDR, you are not required to pay your deductible up to $500. However, if you take your vehicle to a shop "recommended" by your insurance company, you will be required to pay your deductible in full to have your vehicle repaired.

: it is against the law for your insurance company to "steer" you in the selection of a shop. By law, you have the right to choose any shop you wish for repairs.
Also, insurance companies do not warranty repairs preformed at "recommended" shops, the shops themselves warranty the work. Insurance companies try to paint a picture that they are the ones guaranteeing the work, but that is false. If you hear an agent or adjuster tell you "we can't warranty their work" in reference to a shop you've selected, you are being misled and this is just a disguise for steering you to a shop contracted by that insurance company so they can control the cost of repairs. For more information on this topic, please visit STOP DRP and learn more about how insurance companies deceive their customers.
How Long Will it Take to Repair My Vehicle?
Repair times depend largely on the extent of damage. Most hail repairs take between 2-5 days. Hard hit vehicles with paint damage may require outsourcing of paint and body work to a conventional body shop, which can extend repair times by up to 30 days. 
What Happens if I Don't Get My Car Fixed?
If your car was damaged by hail and you received a check from your insurance company which you deposited, but you did not have your car repaired, you are at high risk of loss due to the unrepaired damage clause in your insurance contract. Insurance will not compensate you for future loss (car accidents, hail, etc.) until you have repaired the damage from the previous claim. One major issue with this is that on average, the initial estimate (which you received a check for) can be anywhere from 50-300% short of the actual dollar amount required to repair the vehicle. If you already deposited and spent the original check, the difference will have to be paid out of pocket to have your vehicle fixed before they will compensate you for another claim. 

All Star PDR is your local auto hail repair specialist, dedicated to helping North Texas residents save time, money, and stress. 

Our hail repair team specializes in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) utilizing the most advanced technology to gently remove hail damage from your car without repainting your vehicle, helping preserve it's original factory finish, at a lower cost and faster turnaround than conventional auto body repair. 

Need more info? Call the local hail repair experts at All Star PDR 


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All Star PDR has perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business
All Star PDR Happy Customer 3
"Last year when my car got hit by the hail damage, I had a horrible experience with the shop I took it too. So this year I was hesitant on even getting it fixed however, after finding All Star PDR I am so glad that I did! Dave made sure to take great care of my car and had it back to me within 2 weeks or starting the work on it. It came back looking way better than when it went in to them! I will forever be using them in any case of a hail storm again."  - Trista Stewart
All Star PDR has perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business
All Star PDR Happy Customer 2
"Picked up my truck today after 13 days, and David and Jim did a great job on it. I didn't think there was any way all that could be done with PDR, but they did it. Thanks guys!"  - Steve Harkins
All Star PDR has perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business
All Star PDR Happy Customer 2
"I dealt with Dave on getting some previous PDR fixed up. He did an amazing job and was extremity friendly and personable. He made sure my fiancé and I were comfortable while we waited and engaged us in conversation while he worked. He also let me know each thing he was doing and made sure to get permission before doing anything that could possibly damage the area (his was just because the last guy messed it up while he worked on it. Damage is very uncommon with PDR) I would absolutely recommend to anyone needing PDR as well as return with any future PDR needs."  - Ethan Kowalowski
All Star PDR has perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business
"What can I say we are more than satisfied with the Service All Star PDR provided. The car looks fantastic, the service was fast you can tell they really care about customers! They worked with us with a rental because we didn’t have rental coverage with our insurance. All I can say is I recommend this business! Thanks guys!" - John Fuentes
All Star PDR has perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business
"I’m amazed at how seamless the entire process was! Dave and Erv did a great job of taking care of my car and me and the car looks fabulous. Thank you!! Paintless and painless!!" - Nancy Dale
All Star PDR has perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business
"David and Erv Prince took excellent care of my car during my claim process! They also took care of my many questions and car seat swapping! Start to finish, no drama and VERY satisfied with the work! Will use them again, if needed!" - Mandy Rains
All Star PDR has perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business
"I did a lot of research before deciding to call All Star PDR for my hail damage. The company had great reviews and now I understand why. Dave was great to work with and went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of. When my insurance made things difficult, he took over communications with them. Not only was he personable but he really cares about his customers." - Grace Gibney
All Star PDR has perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business
"I bought my Cadillac CTS in February and in April I received hail damage. Thank you David and your tech for all you done to make my Cadillac look new again. I felt like I had known you for years your services are EXCELLENT!!" - Debra Black
All Star PDR has perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business
"Brought my truck to All Star PDR to have some pretty severe hail damage repaired. I can’t believe how amazing my truck looks, it’s like it never even had hail damage! Dave and his team made it look brand new. Super easy process and they know the hail business inside and out. Took care of everything for me and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks All Star PDR, you have a customer for life." - Clark Hudson
All Star PDR has perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business


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