How Much Does Auto Hail Repair Cost?

hail repair cost

How much does hail repair cost?

This is one of the number one questions we get every hail season and it is a big part of our business and how we help serve our customers. Several factors go into the final cost of a hail repair:

  • Number of dents per panel
  • Size of the dents
  • Number of oversize dents
  • R&I times
  • Paint times
  • Replacement parts
  • Additional costs for specialized repairs (glue pull, double panel, aluminum, etc.)

Number of dents per panel: Dents are broken down into groups (6-15, 16-30, etc.) and then priced accordingly.

Size of the dents: Dents can range from pea size to softball size. Once counted, we then determine the median size of the dents on the panel to help determine cost.

Number of oversize dents: Dents bigger than a half dollar are counted and priced separate from smaller dents. Oversize dents take considerably longer to repair and are thus given their own designation.

R&I times: R&I refers to breaking the car down so the dents are accessible and upon completion of repairs, putting the car back together. Each step is given a time frame and corresponding cost which goes into the overall estimate.

Paint times (optional): Extreme damage or cracked paint will result in the car being sent to the body shop for repairs. The cost of labor, paint, and parts are all added to the overall estimate for repairs.

Replacement parts: Window moldings and panels (such as hoods and roofs) are the most commonly replaced parts. We add up the cost for the new parts plus installation.

Specialized repairs: Every car is different and that can make getting some dents out pretty tricky. Quick example would be a door on an F150. The new F150’s are made of aluminum, which has no memory like steel and is much harder to push. If the dent was down low towards the bottom of the door, and it was oversize, we would have to allow for not only the aluminum (+25%) but also the limited access ($25 to remove the door) and size of the dent ($50 for oversize).

When evaluating your car and estimating a price to get your vehicle repaired, we take all these factors into consideration. Costs typically range anywhere from $3000 to over $10,000 depending on the factors mentioned above.

ALERT: Beware of anyone who suggests they can fix the hail damage on your car for substantially less than these numbers. I can tell you with 100% confidence, if you find a company that offers “hard to believe” discounts and operates out of a tent, body shop, or garage at their house, you are asking for problems and they will not have a written warranty or triple satisfaction guarantee to back up their work.

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