Hail Repair Warranty

hail repair warranty

The All Star PDR Written Lifetime Hail Repair Warranty

Is your hail repair covered by a written warranty? When you have your vehicle repaired at All Star PDR, we will provide you a complimentary Written Lifetime Hail Repair Warranty that covers the following:

  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Installed Parts
  • R&I
  • Conventional or Sublet Repairs

Paintless Dent Repair: Your lifetime warranty will cover the repair of all hail related dents that were preformed by All Star PDR. In the event a dent was overlooked or improperly repaired, we will rectify the situation on the spot once we are aware of the issue.

Installed Parts: Moldings and the like are covered by your warranty as well. If we made a mistake on the installation, not only will we provide a new part (if necessary) but we will re-install it on your car at no charge.

R&I: Also known as Remove and Install, your warranty covers any issues which may have been caused by the R&I process. Typically, this could include pinched wires, damaged headliners, parts or moldings which were not properly clipped back into place, or dirty fingerprints on the interior of the vehicle.

Conventional or Sublet Repairs: In the event your car has to be sent to the body shop for paint or have windows replaced, All Star PDR will warranty any work done by the 3rd party vendors we select to work on your car.

All Star PDR is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and stands by our written warranty year round so you can have peace of mind knowing any issues with your repair can be handled by a local business you know and trust. We are always just a phone call away and should you need our assistance with door dings or the like after the storm, we are your hail and dent repair company for life.