Insurance Deductibles

insurance deductibles

Insurance Deductibles

Look, we know many hard working Americans don’t have extra money sitting around to pay an insurance deductible in case of a hail storm. But here we are…your car has dents all over it and not only do you want to get it repaired for aesthetic reasons, you know there are long term repercussions if you fail to have the damage repaired.

Have your vehicle repaired at All Star PDR and we will waive your deductible up to $500 so you can spend it elsewhere to help your local and national economy.

Now, as a point of mutual contention…who came up with deductibles anyway? You pay your insurance premium on time every month, and if you’re like most people you rarely (if ever) file a claim. And then in the rare instance you need to actually use the insurance you pay for every month, they hit you for another $500 or more deductible (aka repair discount for the insurance company) in order to get your car repaired?

The good news is when you get your vehicle repaired at All Star PDR, repairs are done at no cost to you, so you can finally get the most out of that insurance policy you pay for every month without a financial setback to do so.

For individuals with deductibles over $500, All Star PDR can still help! Call us at 214-587-0277 for details.

In case you are curious, a lot of people ask us why they don’t have to pay their deductible when they get their car repaired at All Star PDR. Simply put, when insurance writes us a check for the repairs, they take the deductible out of the payment. The next question that usually immediately follows is: “So why do I have to pay it if I go to the body shop my insurance company told me to go to?” Ah! Now we’re getting somewhere.

Yes, if you go to what’s called a “DRP” (Direct Repair Program) shop, you will in fact be required to pay your full deductible for the privilege of having your car repaired there.

Click the link for more information about DRP shops and Conventional Repairs vs. PDR.