Insurance Supplements

insurance supplements

Insurance Supplements

A supplement simply means additional money is needed for repairs. As we stated in the last post, 99% of cars that come into our shop need a supplement over and above the initial estimate.

Some folks we have talked to over the years are apprehensive about letting us file a supplement, so we figured this was a good opportunity to shed some light and get some questions answered.

To be clear, a supplement is not a new claim, it is simply an extension of an existing claim. For example, let’s say you take your car in for the initial estimate and the adjuster writes you a check for $2400 after deductible. You bring the car to All Star PDR and we write our estimate for $6800. The difference between those two numbers is the “supplement”. We simply fax a supplement request to your insurance along with our estimate and they In turn send a field adjuster out to the shop to review the damage again with our in-house adjuster.

Once the amounts have been agreed upon, the insurance adjuster will approve the “supplement request”, issue payment to All Star PDR for repairs and work on your vehicle can begin.

Why is this important to you?

You pay your insurance premiums on time, month after month. As such, when it’s your insurance companies turn to pay, you want to make sure they are paying for absolutely everything they are responsible for.

As we stated in an earlier post, we compared all of the original insurance estimates that came into the shop this year with the final amount of our in-house estimate. What we found is startling if you are not used to working with insurance companies.

Our research showed original insurance estimates were written for only 30-50% of the actual cost of repairs.

Meaning, your insurance company is intentionally offering you thousands less to get your car repaired than it will actually take.

Sound familiar? This is the exact reason insurance companies are sued by their customers every day of the year.

Supplements are a normal part of the process and we will handle everything with your insurance company from A to Z so you don’t have to.