Rental Coverage

rental coverage

Rental Coverage

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, if your car was damaged by hail, you are probably going to need a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.

(If you do not have rental coverage on your insurance policy, we encourage you to add it or make sure you include it on renewal.)

If you have rented a car lately, you know how quickly the bill can add up, especially if you opt for the extra coverage the rental agency offers. At best, and we get good discounts, our monthly rental rate is right around $900 or $30 a day. For those walking in off the street, it’s is usually $45 a day or more unless you want a sub-compact car.

At the beginning of a storm, bottlenecks can extend repair times from days to weeks or more, leaving you with a fairly large bill to take care of if you don’t have coverage.

The good news is All Star PDR has you covered either way.

For those with coverage, simply notify your insurance company you would like to reserve a rental at the Enterprise at 3602 Forest Lane in Dallas, TX. They will call Enterprise and make the reservation on your behalf and then call you back with a reservation number. From there, we just pick a time to meet and swap cars and you are done until the car is ready for delivery.

For those without rental coverage, things changed a little this year with the rental agencies so we’ll explain the new process. In years past we would rent the vehicle and then “sub-lease” it to you. Enterprise no longer allows companies to do that, so the new process is for you to reserve the car on your credit card, pay for the rental on return, and then bring the invoice to All Star PDR. We will pay the bill up to $350 (which should leave you with a $0 balance). In the event your car has damage to the paint and has to go to the body shop, we will expedite your repair on our end but cannot guarantee how long the body shop will need your car for repairs.  Worst case you have to spend a few bucks but since we already took care of your deductible and the first $350, I think you will agree you’re coming out way ahead.