What is Paintless Dent Repair?

paintless dent repair

What is PDR?

Over the last 25 years, auto body specialists have developed techniques for repairing dents and hail damage on vehicles without the use of paint or bondo. This repair method is called PDR, which stands for Paintless Dent Repair.

The advantages of PDR over traditional or “conventional” repair methods are numerous…

  • Factory paint kept original
  • No bondo or fillers used
  • Less invasive than replacing panels
  • Most cost effective repair
  • Easy to fix mistakes
  • Fastest repair

So how do we accomplish all this with Paintless Dent Repair?

In a nutshell, paintless dent repair technicians use specialized tools to massage the dents out from underneath the dent, leaving no trace the dent was ever there and your factory paint job intact and beautiful.

Paintless dent repair also offers additional benefits over taking your car to a body shop for repairs…not the least of which is the maximizing the cash value of your car.

At some point, the day will come when you decide to trade your car in for a new one. I can speak from many years’ experience working with dealerships, when they do an appraisal on your car, the very first thing they are looking for is whether or not the car has any paintwork on it.

There is a term in the car business, “no pick, no paint”, which refers to used vehicles that are in near perfect condition. If car dealers feel strongly enough about paintwork to use that term, it’s a pretty good indication how they feel about cars that have been painted.

Moreover, a typical hail damaged car can be repaired with PDR in as little as two days. Compare that to 7-14 day minimums for the body shop.

By choosing to have your car repaired by a paintless dent repair company and saving your original factory paint, you are maintaining maximum value for your car when the day comes to trade it in for a new one!

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